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Since 1991 Concorde S.p.a. has been running large-scale distribution of consumer electronics goods. Thanks to a great network of collaborators and partners, we develop strategies for large-scale distribution and retail, customized to each customer’s specific needs. Our headquarters, located in the Centergross internal area in Funo Argelato (Bologna), comprise of multiple warehouses.

In this article, we will tackle together the issue of consumer electronics market’s trends, with an excursus from its origins up to current events, bringing particular attention to the change in purchasing habits after the national lockdown.

What is consumer electronics?

Consumer electronics manufacturing is part of the electronics industry and includes the production, distribution and sale of all devices intended for a wide audience used for entertainment purposes that improve work performances and promote communication. The main players are manufacturers, distributors and specialized retailers.

Consumer electronics was born in the late 1920s, when radio sales began to gain significant volumes. Over the next thirty years, the industry exploded thanks to the introduction of calculators, walkmans and other inventions on the market, starting a process that became literally unstoppable.

Among these products we can also mention cell phones, smartphones, cameras, video cameras, personal computers, printers, digital watches, video game consoles, speakers and satellite navigators. The downward trend in prices allows for significant gains, considering the automation processes and production efficiency on a large scale.

In order to keep up with new trends and promptly respond to consumer needs, companies in the electronics industry are continuously called upon to respond to many challenges, putting their best innovations in place before their competitors do.

According to estimates by Confindustria, the main association representing manufacturing and service companies in Italy, consumer electronics is one of the leading sectors of the world economy, as it accounts for more than a fifth of exports.

The trend of consumer electronics market

From wearable devices to smart speakers with built-in assistant for home automation management, consumer electronics goods are now an integral part of our lives.

In 2020 there were significant increases in TCG (Technical Consumer Goods) sales. As a consequence of the particular historical period, new needs in work, entertainment and cleaning emerged: people, compelled to spend all day within the walls of their house, had to radically change their habits.

At the top of Tech products there are webcams, whose demand has risen exponentially in order to meet the new needs required by home- and smartworking. In second place, monitors and laptops, followed by printers and keyboards.

Growth prospects for this industry are quite good, despite the difficult time we are facing. Currently, it is hard to determine consumers’ future purchasing behavior.

In the “new normal” phase it is expected that, alongside the trends that characterized the first part of 2020 for which wide space was given to satisfying health, performance and hygiene needs, the trends identified in the Tech industry will be leading.

How the consumer electronics industry faced the lockdown

The Italian consumer electronics market is experiencing a phase of continuous growth despite the restrictions faced in recent periods. According to the surveys carried out by Gfk, there has been uninterrupted growth both for the online channel and for traditional points of sale.

The trending products are office equipment, consumer and home comfort electronics, large and small appliances and, more importantly in terms of turnover, the Telecom segment. Unfortunately, the only declining segment is photography.

How Concorde fits into the consumer electronics market

Concorde plays a fundamental role in the distribution process as it acts as an intermediary between the mother company and the retailer, taking care of transport, storage, logistics and inventory management.

Thanks to the intervention of experts and professionals, Concorde is able to ensure that the products destined to the market comply with safety standards and existing legislation.

In an industry characterized by very high competitiveness, the added value Concorde provides is essential: we make our know-how and our extensive knowledge of the market, both on operators and the open market, available to the customer, ensuring a complete service.

What separates us from our competitors is also the deep specialization in online and offline marketing campaigns management, the creation of promotional content such as the catalog and flyers to support the products, in addition to the intelligence work aimed at the final success of the product, often carried out in symbiosis with the vendor.

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